Arabica Coffee Scrub
Arabica Coffee Scrub
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Arabica Coffee Scrub

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Arabica Coffee Scrub is a perfect blend of a premium Arabica coffee ground with deeply moisturizing premium oils such as Macademia Oil, Cupuacu Oil, Jojoba Oil, and many other natural plant-based oils. 

This blend, with the combination of Coffee Seed Oil and Dead Sea Salt offers an ultimate extra exfoliating experience, while filling your shower with a lovely scent of coffee.   

This combination that Arabica Coffee Scrub offers is powerful enough to buff away dead skin cells while deeply cleansing the skin. Unlike other scrubs that leave the skin dry after use, Arabica Coffee Scrub will leave your skin ultra-soft, radiant, and glowing after use. It will not leave behind any greasy oil residue.    

Although this Body Coffee Scrub is oil based, it is still recommended to apply a moisturizer right after use to prevent the skin from drying out. We recommend following up your body care regimen with one of our body butter creams or balms for an ultimate result.   

Other ingredients: Sweet almond oil, Cocoa Butter, Olive oil, Coconut oil, Shea Butter etc…  

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