About Us

The Essence, The Story Behind Coco's Butter

Having a natural and healthy skin comes with using the right products. I have always been fascinated with maintaining a healthy looking, glowing, and youthful skin. Over the years, I have used various body creams and soaps from big companies with the hope to find the one product that is right for my dry skin. 

However, as simple as it may seems, this had proven to be a daunting task. Some of the products were bluntly just inefficient. With this recurring situation, I grew curious about the real content of the products that I was buying. It was only then that I discovered that I was not getting the "bang" for my "buck". I discovered that most of the products were logged with futile fillers not necessarily beneficial to my skin while being void of natural and essential oils, which are known to nourish the skin. 

In the rare occasions that these nutrients were used, they were found at the very bottom of the ingredient list, which means that they were used at a very low ratio in the product compare to all the other ingredients. 

This was my turning point. 

I've decided to make my own very first body butter because I knew exactly what I wanted. After only a few weeks, I'd started to notice the difference in my skin complexion. It was also nice to hear the great feedbacks from people around me.

Real & Noticeable Results

My skin progressively improved from being severely dry to healthy, moisturized, and glowing. Loving the results, I decided to extend my products to anyone that may be in similar situation - or may opt for a more natural alternative when it comes to their skincare needs.


Coco's Butter: The Basics

Natural oils and essential oils have been used for centuries across the world as cosmetic care for various applications and use. Moisturizers, perfumes, herbal medicines and remedies for some skin irregularities are all made with natural oils.

Coco's Butter only use high quality, 100% pure, natural and essential oils. Some of our oils are exotic and luxurious. Our body butters creams, balms and oils are combinations of these skin loving oils. Our body butter creams and balms are thick and creamy. If there is any natural oil out there, we probably have it as ingredient in one of our products. 

Although we do not consider our products to be organic, we do strive for certified ingredient use as we possibly can. 

We scent our leave-on products such as body butters and balms with essential oils only, never with fragrance. Our products are natural as possible and we do not use unnecessary ingredients. Any ingredient that we use would be because the recipe calls for it. We use refined and unrefined oils. Some unrefined oils have a strong scent which may come through in the final product despite the lovely scent of essential oils. We sometimes choose refined oils due to safety concerns. 

Our Products: Body Butter Creams, Handmade Soaps, Body Scrubs

Our Creams, Balms & Oils

Keeping  up with a dry skin can be a daunting task. Having a sensitive skin can  also be nerve wrecking. We have products that will suit your needs. If you are unable to locate it, send us an email.

As a small business, we listen to our customers skincare needs, and try to help them whichever way we can. If you have a special request due to a particular condition and would like a particular oil in your product, send us an email, and let's see what we can do for you!  

Our Leave-on products (Creams, Lip Balms, Blams, Oils) contain:

  • No paraben
  • No sulfate
  • No fragrance oil. 
  • They are vegan for the exception of: Soothin’ Oats (contains honey) and Seriously Dry (contains lanolin).

Our Handmade Soaps:

We have a variety of soaps to suit your needs. They range from our handmade cold processed organic soap, melt-&-pour, herbal based soaps, etc... All of our handmade soaps with the exception of melt-&-pours are made by combining high quality, 100% pure natural oils and sodium hydroxide (lye), fresh ingredients (Aloe Vera plant, Honey, Milk, Cucumber Juice, Carrot, Leaves, Banana, Coffee grounds, etc...), colorants and fragrance oils. Nothing else. The use of fresh ingredients in our soaps is deemed to boost their skin benefits. We also use minerals such as clays and salts. Due to various customers' preference, we offer scented and unscented soaps to satisfy everyone's needs. 

  • Our ‘’All Natural Soaps’’ NEVER contain added colorant or fragrance. However, they may be scented with essential oil (please, refer to the ingredient list to be sure).
  • Our scented soaps ALWAYS contain added colorant or/and fragrance oil.
  • All of our soaps are vegan except those containing some type of milk and/or honey as ingredient (please, refer to the ingredient list to be sure).
  • Contains no paraben.
  • Contains no sulfate. 

Our Handmade Scrubs:

Our Handmade Scrubs are made with plant-based natural oils, premium coffee, fine sugar, etc...Use our premium scrubs once or twice a week to keep your skin healthy and clean. Our Premium scrubs contain:

  • No colorant
  • No Fragrance
  • May be scented with essential oil (please, refer to the ingredient list to be sure).
  • No Paraben
  • No Sulfate

Disclaimer: Although, a very few of our products are not vegan, NO animals were hurt while they were being made. The non-vegan products we use are: Goat Milk, Butter Milk, Honey, Lanolin.